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Tuesday 14th September to 19th October 7pm – 9pm


This group is aimed at families with a FFA, CIN, CP OR Youth Justice Plan but places also available for parents wanting to gain an understanding of the feelings & needs underlying teenager behaviour and knowledge and skills to develop a more positive relationship. Course content may vary depending on needs of the group.

* Risky behaviour online through social media

* Attraction to or involvement in gangs

* Alcohol and/or drugs, early sex, self-harming, crime and anti-social behaviour, aggressive and challenging behaviour



Thursday 16th September to 21st October 9.30am to 11.30am


            This programme provides support, information and resources to parents/carers and adult family members so they can help their child reach their full potential.

Sessions will cover :

* ADHD - a whole-family issue

* Understanding your child’s behaviour

* Helping your child manage their feelings and outbursts

* Balancing support of siblings

* Learning new parenting strategies to address challenging behaviour and to make a difference in your family life


Two Online Parenting Courses Fully Funded By Herts County Council Family Services Commissioning Team


Course 1: A Protective Behaviours Approach To Emotional Safety and Wellbeing For Families
Click here for details

Course 2: The Secrets to Parenting Your Teenager 
Click here for details


These online parenting courses have been released
for Autumn Term 2021 

Course 1 Protective Behaviours:
Each Wednesday from 8th Sept at 9:30am - 11:30am for 6 weeks

Each Monday from 4th Oct at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks
Each Thursday from 4th Nov at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks

Course 2 The Secrets to Parenting Your Teenager:
Each Monday from 13th Sept at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks
Each Wednesday from 10th  Nov at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks


Click here to refer and book or ring 01992 446 051


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